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The Paparazzi Pizza & Pasta brand, unlike other similar brands, was born in 2003 with a vocation for unlimited expansion, both in terms of territory and culinary offerings. Its wide offer is marked by quality, diversity, and a range of prices suitable for EVERYONE ...

Its rapid expansion and acceptance by all audiences is produced thanks to a fusion of carefully selected elements and their adaptation to current trends.

The success of Paparazzi Pizza & Pasta has been the reinvention of pizza in terms of the possibilities of combinations thanks to the wide assortment of ingredients, as well as the originality of its 50 cm measure, which allows it to be sold in large portions to the delight of everyone. want to try several combinations at the same time. Also the fresh pasta made in-house, is another of its culinary characteristics worthy of mention.

Today the PAPARAZZI brand is very well known in the municipality of Manilva (Málaga). For the quality of the product, for its competitive price, and for being the first to offer home delivery in said population.

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